The dental prosthesis is a prosthetic device which replaces a missing or too damaged tooth, it can replace several teeth and even all of the upper or lower teeth palate. The absence of one or more teeth can alter functional roles, affect physical appearance and can also cause oral and/or general health problems. The loss of a tooth can destabilize adjacent teeth and increase the risk of decays and tartar on neighboring teeth, because the void contributes in the accumulation of food debris. It can also cause tooth loosening as well as the premature aging of teeth caused by reduction in bone volume. Toothlessness can lead to malocclusion, chewing and phonation problems. It can affect the morphological appearance of the face.

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There are several types of dental prostheses, they are divided into two categories; the fixed dental prostheses and the removable dental prostheses. Choosing the type of prosthesis depends on the patient’s preference in accordance with his his condition. A dental impression in necessary before the fabrication of the dental prosthesis; the latter will be made in conformity with the patient’s measures by the prosthetist.


As the name suggests, the dental prosthesis is fixed in the mouth once installed, it can only be removed by the dentist. The fixed dental prosthesis functions just like a natural tooth.

  • The dental crown

This type of prosthesis replaces the broken or damaged tooth Provided that the root of the natural tooth is healthy which is going to act as a supporting pillar to the crown. It helps restore the damaged tooth and also protects and prevents the sensitive tooth from decay The dental crown is a reliable solution if the dental filling is not an option. The crown takes the color and shape of a natural tooth.

  • The dental bridge

The dental bridge replaces one or more teeth. It generally forms a bridge between two teeth and rests on two adjacent teeth. These adjacent teeth act as pillars.

  • Fixed prostheses on dental implants

It is an artificial tooth that is anchored in the jawbone by an abutment (dental implant).


Also called “dentures,” removable dentures are dental prostheses that can be removed for cleaning.

  • Partially removable denture
    This is a device that allows you to replace one or more teeth, the removable partial denture improves speech, chewing and aesthetics.
  • Completely removable denture
    Dentures replace all the teeth, either on the upper jaw, with upper dentures, or the lower jaw, with lower dentures. Dentures are made of acrylic resin teeth. Pink resin mimics gum tissue and tooth-colored resin mimics natural teeth. Dentures can be removed for daily cleaning or for sleeping.

Like natural teeth, fixed dentures require rigorous dental maintenance and impeccable hygiene. The removable prosthesis must be removed, cleaned on a daily basis and the patient must clean his mouth from food debris.

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