Dental Veneers & Hollywood Smile in Algeria

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a simple non-invasive dental veneers technique that fixes an array of dental problems; it is designed to help you obtain the smile of celebrities, which means a glowing perfect grin.

Our dental center will offer you professional care for your dental issues; dental veneers are the best way to obtain a beautiful smile as the results of this technique are quite impressive and long lasting.

The dental veneer is a thin shell made of ceramic attached to the frontal side of the tooth, which are also known as “incisors”. Nonetheless, the canines and premolars can benefit from this treatment in some cases.

What are the benefits of dental veneers?

The best part about dental veneers treatment is the enhancement of the appearance of your teeth making them brighter and symmetrical. Professionals choose this technique to fix dental aesthetic issues that range from broken to chipped teeth, severe discoloration or uneven teeth color that can’t be fixed by teeth whitening techniques.Some patients only get one veneer for a broken or chipped tooth, but many people get six to eight veneers to achieve a symmetric, aligned beautiful smile. Veneers are most commonly applied to the top eight front teeth.

Veneers can last for more than a decade, depending on the chosen type of veneer, which makes it an investment that will enable you to smile with confidence for a long period of time.

The veneers procedure

After fixing an appointment at Khelil dental center, our team will then contact you to schedule a checkup; one of our specialists will evaluate the state of your teeth and your dental problems as well as make sure that you are fit to go through this procedure; eventually, a treatment plan will be set up according to your case.

In our dental center, we include the patient in the whole process, i.e. we take into consideration his preferences in terms of color, size, and number of desired veneers, his aesthetic goals and the result he wishes to obtain.

Teeth preparation:

Teeth and gum must be in a healthy condition; any disease or decay must be treated before the veneers are placed. If the patient clenches or grinds his teeth, the veneers may be chipped or broken. We may advise the patient to wear special plastic mouth guards while sleeping.

Temporary Veneers:

Once you explain your choice and your aesthetic wishes to the practitioner, he can place a temporary veneer before proceeding with the final veneers. These temporary veneers are made of liquid composite and serve as a prototype to allow you to get used to your new smile and to have an idea about the final result.

The veneers placement:

The placement of dental veneers is a painless procedure under local anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort. The duration of the procedure depends on the number of veneers to be placed, since it requires delicacy, meticulousness and precision.

Patients who can’t benefit from dental veneers

Tooth decay, gum disease and bruxism are some of the conditions that may be the reason you can’t get veneers. Sometimes, your teeth may require an orthodontic treatment in order to align your jaw before starting Hollywood smile dental veneers treatment.

Taking care of your Hollywood Smile veneers

In order to preserve the beauty of your smile, you must maintain a good oral hygiene. You should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure that no food particles are stuck between the teeth, as this can cause inflammation, pain and discomfort. The use of antibacterial mouthwash is also recommended to keep your smile in a good condition.

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