Periodontology is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the supporting tissues of the tooth. Oral surgery is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and abnormalities of the face, teeth and jaw.

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Periodontitis is the disease of the dental support tissues, it is bacterial in origin and affects the gum and bone. At first, periodontal disease is not always visible, it destroys the supporting tissues slowly, gradually and silently. Gingivitis is an infection that affects only the gum tissue and can develop and affect the alveolar bone and other tissues, in which case it becomes periodontitis. Periodontal disease worsens with poor dental maintenance, but stabilizes with daily dental hygiene. Dental plaque is the main cause of periodontal disease, it can turn into tartar if it is not removed daily.


Gum bleeding, gum retraction, tooth displacement and tooth mobility are the main symptoms of periodontal disease. Other serious symptoms can also be a sign of periodontal disease, such as the spontaneous loss of a tooth. It is very important to see your dentist at least once in a while to diagnose an infection such as gingivitis or periodontitis and treat it as soon as possible. During your consultation, we perform an exhaustive examination of your mouth to detect a periodontal problem and offer you an appropriate treatment.


In some cases, oral surgery is the only remedy for dental and gum problems. The goal of oral surgery is to treat various problems and abnormalities, including having better oral health.
At Khelil’s Dental Center, we are qualified and have the experience required to perform the different types of oral surgery.
The most common types of oral surgery are:

  • The complex tooth extraction: we perform the extraction of teeth too damaged by deep decay or the extraction of wisdom teeth that do not have enough space and risk damaging adjacent teeth.
  • The dental implant: the placement of the dental implant is the process of anchoring an artificial root in the form of a titanium screw into the alveolar bone. This intervention is done with local anesthesia.
  • A gum graft: this procedure gives thickness or height to the patient’s gum.

In order to ensure the success of the surgery and avoid complications, you must follow the instructions and recommendations of your dentist. Please feel free to speak with your practitioner and the team about your concerns.

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